"Ein verrücktes Jahr" hat die Grenze der 1 MILLIONEN Wörter geknackt! Wahnsinn! Für mich selbst fast unbegreiflch. Eine Millionen Wörter müssen erst einmal geschrieben werden, doch gibt es natürlich diejenigen, die tatsächlich eine Millionen Wörter gelesen haben. Vielen Dank also an all meine Leser! :o) Ihr seid die Besten!

Neu geordnet

Im Menüpunkt "Ein verrücktes Jahr" findet ihr nun die Unterteilung von 30 Tagen - damit das Suchen einfacher fällt :o) Ich musste zwar in alle Kapitel rein und sie neu anordnen, doch ich denke, dass es so übersichtlicher ist und ihr euch besser zurechtfindet :o)

Liebe nach Vertrag

Meine neue Geschichte steht in den Startlöchern! Bald wird es los gehen mit "Liebe nach Vertrag"!

Oh-Kay, since I’ve got international rreaders now, I’ll try to be a little more cosmopolitan (and I’m not talking about the Cocktail^^).

Anyway, 3,5 weeks left until I’m returning to Korea again. And it’s just SO much to do. I’ll arrive at saturday, I’ll take the bus to my hotel, check in, take a shower and then I’m off to the 2PM concert. To be honest, I never had much interest in them because first of all there are just too many idols running around in Korea and second I can’t stay Nichkhun. Alright, he is kinda funny, I admit it … but still. Ever since I’ve brought the tickets I put some effort in „getting to know 2PM better“. The music is okay … well, it’s good actually … and I like Taekyeon (for the same reason we all like Siwon  :wub:) and I think Junho is cute, he’s got that smile I really like. 

Okay, after the 2PM concert I need to find a Jimjilbang to FINALLY feel clean again :wassat:No, I mean I wash myself, but after a night in the Jimjilbang you feel like a snake after shedding.

Sunday whenever … not too early … I meet up with Lise in Myongdong for shopping and some screaming – we’re going to the SPAO anyway, so there will be screaming :whistle:  Then we’ll go to Lotte World *YAY* Last year a koreanfriend of mine said „But it’s more for kids …“ and I was like „Hey, that’s just perfect with me!“.

Monday daytime I am free to go whereever I want, maybe I’ll go to the buddism temple or to the big palace I skipped last year. At 6 PM I’ll meet up with Miyon (she doesn’t know about it yet, but it’ll be okay), we’ll have dinner and I want to get a korean pre-paid card for my cellphone, because this’ll be cheaper then using my German one. After that I’ll meet up with Lise to visit Super Junior Kiss the Radio *YAY -again*, but before we’re going to KBS, we’ll hit by „Handel and Gretel“ – the café of Yesungs parents (we’re thinking about telling them that actually it’s calles ‚Hänsel und Gretel‘, but we don’t wanna ruin their idea).

Tuesday … what’s up on Tuesday? Well in the morning I’ll have some time for myself, in the afternoon I’ll meet up with Lise in the COEX and at 8PM I’m going to Ryeowooks musical.

Wednesday I have to check out for two days and move in to Miyons place.I still don’t know nothing about the coordination about this, but we’ll get it. So this evening I’ll probably won’t hang around KBS.

Friday I move back in my hotel, sunday I’ll go over Hannis to prepare food for monday, because it Thanksgiving in Korea and that quiet of a deal. It’s the biggest holiday and even in a city like Seoul some shops close.

In the mean time I have to get a tattoo, get to Dongdaemun at nighttime, meet up with that korean dude I’m writing with since a couple of months, I have to visit Se7ens restaurant, the YG building, Gangnam, that piercingstudio with those super-cute piercings, hunting ‚theme-cafés‘ with Lise in Hongdae, go shopping around Idea University, visit the Kyu-River by night, visit the Hangang by night, going up to the Seoul N Tower – I get a headache just writing it down. The way I see it I won’t have time for the Grand Park this year either  :getlost:   Damn it.

At least I will now get bored … or get time to sleep :biggrin:

Anyway, it will be just great :smile: And I’m getting so excited already. So stay tuned for updates :kissing:


Vielen Dank, dass du auf meiner Seite gelandet bist. Schaue dich ruhig um, es gibt viel zu entdecken. (◕‿◕✿)

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